LUX Fresh Market Menu: April 9th 2011

Gull Valley Heirloom Tomato Salad:

Olive Oil, Balsamic marinated Bocconcini, Lola Canola Bee Pollen, Fresh Basil

Bangers n Mash:

Irving Farms Sage infused Linconshire Sausage, Riverbend Gardens Purple potato mash and baby Carrots. Mushroom Gravy.

Fresh BC Blackberry and Peach Cobbler:

Fresh BC Pear and Red Wine Sorbet, Blackberry compote.


Life at LUX Steakhouse + Bar

Some random photos i found from LUX



Menu development

So this is what the menu looks like before a menu change.

Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

beans never sounded better

I like black currants

I like white currants

HOT SAUCE! too many to even fathom

produce from the market

Serious Pie, Seattle WA

Cured meats greet you as you come through the door

The room

RT excited for some serious pie

Cheese just hanging in the middle of the room

duck liver pate to start with caped goose berry compote

our choice for pie was the boar sausage and fennel

this is how they do it

serious oven

Washington State Trip part 2

billards in the barn

the picnic table before dinner

popcorn buckets for wine chillers …. GENIOUS!!!

A pic with the whole group

Washington State Trip part 1

Our Camp sight at Canyon Ranch Vineyard

Mingling with the guests in the party barn

some serious competition in the party barn

This trip was awesome. It didnt get much more serious then this. But the food and wine kept getting better.